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I am Latvian, born in Riga [*1992]. I lived in a small town Sigulda located on a picturesque stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley. At young age I spent a lot of time in solitude and discovered I was good at drawing and started to pursue path as a creative.


I am designer and fine artist by training. Before design studies I went to fine art school where I was in illustration programme and graduated as sculptor. Art education taught me craftsmanship, resourcefulness and conceptual thinking. It is an essential part of my approach to design today.


Currently I am in my third year in bachelor course at Design Academy Eindhoven Mobility department, in The Netherlands. I find functional and realistic solutions to assignments. On the way I try to reduce unnecessary harm done to the environment by making products that last.


Apart from design I find time to go climbing or bouldering, which is my new mountaineering hobby - I have skied since I could walk and big mountains have always fascinated me. I love hiking and camping in wild nature, but I also enjoy gardening when I have chance to.