Baby recliner

Recliner bed that uses motion to improve motion related development in babies. Study shows that carried babies receive a lot of vestibular stimulation, that in turn gives earlier walking, better balance and coordination and limits possibility of space related phobias like fear of heights from developing in future.

This recliner imitates motion of walking by rotating and swaying from side to side.

“Our vestibular system helps us out with our sense of balance and our security in space. When a mother holds her baby, the baby moves back and forth with mom’s walking, and side to side from her swaying or rocking. Mom may stop and turn and reach to grab something, or she may move gently and smoothly. These varied movements force her baby to respond appropriately to keep himself balanced. All of these movements tune her baby’s vestibular system.” – Bonding & Holding, Issue #28, Author Elizabeth Antunovic Dec 01, 2010

However, idea to apply movement of hips to a product comes from research in walking motion, and it started with a sculpture. 

”Running gear” Two part sculpture shows beauty and inner workings of swaying hips. Timeless beauty is shown in a static stone carving, while animation is separated in another piece -a mechanical study of motion that hips make when walking. Motion that is both rotating and swaying from side to side.

Final product is intended to work on electricity – two motors, power supply and a microprocessor for speed control are hidden in the body of recliner bed and has a power cord.

Final model was 3D printed in full scale thanks to DELTA 420 – amazing printer with a build surface of 42 cm.